Create Better CAD Drawings - Course

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Create Better CAD Drawings - Course

CAD Intentions
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The course covers:

Module #1: Sheet Sets

– Creating sheet sets from start to finish

– Customizing sheet sets with your own fields

– Using fields and automating title blocks using sheet sets

– Importing existing drawings

– Printing from your Sheet Sets and more..

Module #2: Annotative Text

– The benefits of Annotative text

– How to create an Annotative Text style and Dimension Style

– Adding custom scales to your drawing

– Incorporating annotative text into your drawings and more…

Module #3: External References

– The benefits and uses for External References

– How to add External References to your drawings

– How to fix broken xrefs and avoid issues

– How to clean up and modifiy xrefs once they are in your drawing

– and more…

Module #4 Layout and Paperspaces

– Creating Layout and Paperspaces that are always consistent and look great

– Using multiple viewports

– Working with custom fields

– Scaling and making professional looking drawings every time

Module #5 Workflow and Bringing it all together

– Using a consistent workflow to create drawings quickly

– A complete walk through from start to finish of creating drawings, sheet sets, viewports, annotative text, scaling and printing!


1) Downloadable Sheet set template

2) Downloadable custom Title Block and .dwt download to get you started even quicker

3) Email and discussion support

Instant Access (Please read the Instruction text file available upon purchase for instructions)

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