AutoCAD Fundamentals & Workflows in a Hurry! (A CAD Intentions Course)

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AutoCAD Fundamentals & Workflows:
An AutoCAD Course for Designers/Drafters in a Hurry!

Last year, I sent out a survey to thousands of CAD Intentions subscribers, asking them a simple question.

What do you wish you knew about AUTOCAD?

100s of responses later and hours of compiling, researching, planning, and outlining, I've put together the course that I and you will wish you took when learning AutoCAD. 

This isn't the common basic/introduction to AutoCAD course, teaching how to draw a line or circle.

This course answers the questions every AutoCAD user has!

In it you will learn the fastest and most productive workflows from someone who has used CAd daily for almost 20 years.
You will learn the best way to set up a drawing
The Best workflows for project/drawing production
How to properly create Templates (Bonus Template Included)
Working with Xrefs
Creating Layouts/Viewports
Automating repetitive text/labels
Scaling and Annotative Text/Dimensions
What to do when you get stumped, or wish there was a better way.

You will learn must-have fundamentals, workflows, tips, and tricks that will help you with daily drafting/design and ensure you get to the next step in your AutoCAD career. 

Whether you've been an AutoCAD user for 1 week or 5+ years you will benefit from the workflows, tips, and overall fundamentals showcased in the videos.

This course is packed full of years of combined experience along with practical and highly requested tutorials on everything from initial drawing setup, to pdf plotting and packaging files for final submissions or archiving

Topics in the Course (See below for Detailed outline):

• Project Organization and Initial Drawing Setup

• Drawing Templates

• Drawing Standards/Best Practices

• Drawing Production Workflows

• Scaling, Annotative Text/Dims

• Layout Creation

• Automation using Fields

• Plotting/Print workflows

• Drawing Finalization workflows

Additional Course Info:

1. Each Topic above is split into detailed yet compact/to the point individual videos. This makes it easy for you to jump right into a topic that you are interested in, or get a quick refresher at any point. It also addresses the #1 noted response in the survey of never having the time and needing quick and direct tutorials for AutoCAD.

2. In addition to the individual downloadable video files, all of the example .dwg files used and finished in the video will be available for download so you can follow along or check your results against mine! This will also include a .dwt drawing template that we create in the Course!

So... why learn from me?
- My Blog and Youtube channel (CAD Intentions) have over 15,000,000 views and 70,000+ Subscribers combined. Providing easy-to-follow, to-the-point and reliable Tutorials and AutoCAD training for over 8 years now.

- As a designer and Instructor using AutoCAD/Civil 3D, I have recently been invited into Autodesks Expert Elite (a group of select expert users who have help and contribute to the community as leaders, instructors and more) as well as selected as one of AutoCAD Blogs top 35 Designers under 35.

- I have been a CAD Designers for 16+ years, currently working full-time as a Senior Civil Designer/CAD Manager providing training and solutions to a team of Drafters/Designers.

- Over the last few years I have written regular content for the official AutoCAD blog and Knowledge network, providing Tips, Tricks, and workflows for AutoCAD users around the globe!

If you're excited to learn new workflows and AutoCAD Skills and join millions of viewers that learn from and enjoy my tutorials daily, CLICK the I WANT THIS! button on the right now!

BONUS #1 ($60 Value): As a thank you,  I'm currently including my AutoCAD Productivity Webinar as a bonus for everyone that orders the course (normally $55) for a limited time! 

BONUS #2: The AutoCAD Productivity Handbook, get my Amazon bestselling ebook as an additional bonus for preordering. 

Bonus #3: Get a downloadable Template file complete with layers and titleblock pre-setup as shown in the course!

AutoCAD Fundamentals & Workflows is FIVE STAR RATED

What Viewers Are Saying about CAD Intentions Tutorials:

Where were you all my life
You have great tips on your channel

Stefan D.

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Thanks a lot, Brandon. I didn't know how to use this useful tool.
Manuel Q.

Detailed Course Outline:

Project Organization and Setups - Tips and Examples of File/Folder Structures that will help keep your projects organized and easier to work on.

Drawing Templates - How to set up a drawing template to maintain consistency and save time when starting new drawings/projects. What to include in templates, best practices, and how to make them to best benefit your projects.

Standards - In addition to setting up a drawing template we will also look at what types of styles, layers, settings you'll want to incorporate into your templates and general drafting workflows/standards.

Drawing Production Workflow - A walkthrough of creating a drawing from scratch to finished PDF/Plot. Including starting a new drawing from our template, basic drawing production (This course will assume you know the very basics of how to draw in AutoCAD, but we will touch on some of the basics in the process of creating our general drawings), drawing at 1:1 scale, Working with and adding Annotative text, dimensions, and callouts.

Layout Creation - How to quickly set up layout sheets. Methods for creating multiple viewports and sheets. Setting scales and Tips for professional drawing production.

Automation using Fields - how to build out your title blocks/templates with fields to speed up drawing production and eliminate potential mistakes.

Plotting/Print workflows - How to plot individual sheets as well as using Publish options to print multiple layouts in either one or many different drawing files!

Final Drawing Tips - How to archive files & setting up eTransmit standards for archival, packaging, and exporting drawings to send to clients, and more!

• And More....

The Course is available for instant streaming and in downloadable video files, along with downloadable .dwg/.dwt files for example drawings and finished files to compare to.

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Instant Download of AutoCAD Fundamentals & Workflows in a Hurry!

A fast paced and packed AutoCAD Fundamentals & Workflow Course
Bonus: AutoCAD Productivity Webinar (Instant Download)
Bonus: The AutoCAD Productivity Handbook - Ebook (Instant Download)


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AutoCAD Fundamentals & Workflows in a Hurry! (A CAD Intentions Course)

23 ratings
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