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Does this sound familiar?

• You are an AutoCAD/C3D Designer or Drafter, a CAD Manager, Engineer, or anyone that dabbles in CAD and has questions & is looking for someone to ask questions and bounce ideas off of.

• You're new to setting up drawing templates or standards and are looking for input and guidance in creating them for your projects.

• You want to streamline your workflows and general drawing production.

• You are learning AutoCAD or Civil 3D and would like to learn specific workflows, tips & tricks to speed up the process.

• You'd like to be part of a small cohort/community of designers to help progress and advance your career.

• You want to have peers/fellow professionals review your CAD processes or drawings and get feedback.

If you identify with any of the above, keep reading 👇

What You'll Get

When you Sign Up for CAD Support you get access to 3 things, all inclusive of the one-time signup fee: The AutoCAD Fundamentals & Workflows Course, Lifetime access to the CAD Support Community (Discord Forum), and input on monthly tutorial/Q&A videos where I'll provide live/pre-recorded support to your pre-submitted questions, workflow reviews, suggestions and more!

🏛   The Community

A private discord server with a CAD Support Forum to ask your CAD Support questions, get feedback, learn new tips, share ideas, highlight projects, and more. As well as chat channels to hang out and network.

You get lifetime access to the private Discord server, and there are no recurring fees.

🎓   AutoCAD Fundamentals & Workflows Course

(See the Course Page for more details here: )

Topics Include:
• Project Organization and Initial Drawing Setup

• Drawing Templates

• Drawing Standards/Best Practices

• Drawing Production Workflows

• Scaling, Annotative Text/Dims

• Layout Creation

• Automation using Fields

• Plotting/Print workflows

• Drawing Finalization workflows

🏫   Q and A's

Every month you can expect a new Video or Livestream answering specific community questions.

The topics will be submitted/asked by you (CAD Support Members) and will help to solve roadblocks, questions, and general feedback as needed.

The videos will be longer form and dedicated to member comments/questions. Some months will be a live stream Q & A style video, others will be pre-recorded and include live demos or examples based on the requested questions and topics as decided by you!

Upon joining you will have access to any and all previous Q&A videos via the links provided in the CAD Support forum and you will be able to submit/ask questions and participate in all future videos/livestreams. These are all free of charge once you're in the community.

Why Join the CAD Support Community?

Over the last few years of working remotely, one thing that's really stood out to me and contributed to my general success and learning has been a few group chats/message boards I have with friends and co-workers where we share CAD tips, go to with issues, project wins/losses, ask questions and solve issues together.

I feel these small communities/groups/masterminds whatever you want to call them have been a huge part of my growth and sanity over the years. Making friends and great connections along the way is important to our success as designers and professionals, having a sounding board to bounce ideas off of, share new and cool tech with, and ask questions about career advice like performance reviews, goals etc... is irreplaceable.

As the CAD Intentions blog ( and youtube channel ( have grown, so have the number of dedicated viewers and readers such as your selves!

Along with the increase in viewers, so have the emails, questions, and comments increased!

I get anywhere from 5 to 10 requests a week for various forms of AutoCAD help, 1on1 consulting, custom tutorial videos and general review/feedback requests.

As much as I want to have time to do 1on1 training and help everyone that emails, I just don't have the time between work, family/kids, and the blog/tutorials.

So: I decided that this year I wanted to create a community where we can all go to have our own Community/Group Chat.
While making it possible for me to focus and spend time time helping this smaller group who want more catered tutorials and questions answered. (The group will only have a limited number of openings every few months!)

This community and individual help/training is a perfect fit for Designs, Drafters, and Engineers that want to learn and advance their career and skills with CAD and the engineering industry in as short of time as possible.

Everything from AutoCAD & C3D questions, asking for help when working through CAD Courses, career development advice, and general support, it's a perfect fit for those of us looking for a like-minded community!

Join CAD Support to get started now!

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CAD Support (Community, Small Group Q&As, Tailored Support & More)

CAD Support Community/Forum
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CAD Support - (Lifetime Access)

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