The AutoCAD Productivity Handbook

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Tips, Tricks & Techniques from the Popular AutoCAD Blog and Youtube Channel: CAD Intentions


The AutoCAD Productivity Handbook is a collection and compilation of the most popular productivity tips, tricks and techniques from the Authors Top 20 AutoCAD Blog: and Popular Youtube Channel: CAD Intentions along with years of experience.

The AutoCAD Productivity Handbook will help take your AutoCAD drafting to the next level.

By learning these techniques and utilizing them in your day to day drafting processes you will be able to shave hours of drafting time off of your projects while increasing your overall AutoCAD productivity.

Table of Contents:

About the Author


Section 1: Organization and File Management:

Organizing and setting up a file structure to support and suit your needs depending on the projects you do.

Section 2: Productivity Techniques:

Tons of tips and tricks that I use and recommend for keeping productive, shortcuts and helping save time when drafting.

Section 3: Health and Tools:

Some final thoughts and tools with regards to staying healthy, enthusiastic and comfortable as a daily drafter.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the Book!


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The AutoCAD Productivity Handbook

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