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A Civil 3D Crash Course: An Intro or refresher to C3D Basics using real-world examples

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A Civil 3D Crash Course: An Intro or refresher to C3D Basics using real-world examples

CAD Intentions
4 ratings

A Civil 3D Crash Course: An Intro or refresher to C3D Basic using real-world examples.

In this crash course, I have taken out all the extra and initially unneeded information and filler that you get in regular civil 3d courses.
The Civil 3D Crash Course is a perfect way to get an introductiong to the basics of Civil 3D quickly by going through real-world and usable examples in a step by step process that you can then use for your own projects. 

This makes it perfect for those of you who have no C3D experience as well as those with basic knowledge looking to improve their workflow in a short time for a low cost (most C3D courses are in the thousands of dollars and can take days to get to the actual information you need)

Whether you are a designer, a drafter or an engineer looking to learn some of the extremely useful tools and abilities of Civil 3d this course will help you get started.

Real-world tasks we complete in the course: 

1. Surface Creation (The foundation of most C3D tools/commands)
    - Covers Surface creation using common source data, including; contours,        points and triangles.

2. Grading (One of the most useful and used features of C3D)

    - We will go through 2 examples of grading projects from start to finish. A pond/berm grading including a Finished Surface and how to export it, as well as creating a section to show the pond design and compare to the original ground. The other example we will go through is a Site grading where we will grade an untouched lot to a specific grade as well and tie it into the existing ground, this would be like grading a new building lot. 

3. Road Design (A detailed walkthrough and step by step process to design and model a basic road in C3D)

      - A more in depth task that will showcase and explain and showcase a variety of C3Ds features, including; Alignments, profiles, assemblies, corridors and more.

4. Analysis (We will go through how to use Volume Comparisons to get cut/fill quantities base on your designed and existing surfaces)

    - We will go through basic calculations using our real examples so you can do them yourself right away.

5. Misc (along the way we will also cover a variety of useful tools and features)

   - Including, editing and creating styles for surfaces, profiles, labels etc..

   - Creating and labeling Contours

   - Making Sections

   - Feature lines and editing them

What you Get:

The course will be delivered in Standard video file formats, available for download through Gumroad. This way you can take them with you, re-watch them and save them for whenever you need them. 

Course will also include PDF workflow cheat sheet/checklist.

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